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Purpose of Policy Statement

Lewinsville Presbyterian Church, in an effort to further the peace, unity and purity of the Church through the prevention of sexual misconduct within the Church, has developed a Sexual Misconduct & Child Protection Policy Statement. The policy is designed to protect not only our youngest, most vulnerable members, but each other.

In accordance with this policy, all Summer Mission Project participants age 18 and over must complete a background check prior to departure of any mission trip.

For additional details on this policy, please see Section E - #1, 3, and 5 within the official Lewinsville handbook.

Background Check Process

In order to receive the background check, each participant must fill out an authorization form and return it to the LPC Church Administrator, Bob Clark. Completed forms may be scanned and emailed to

Participants who do not wish to deliver personal information via email may deliver the form to the Church Administrator's box at the church or submit via mail to 1724 Chain Bridge Road, McLean, VA 22101.

Upon completion of the background check, the authorization form will be destroyed.

Results will be kept strictly confidential, known only to the Church Administrator unless an infraction is reported. In the unlikely case that a concern is uncovered, the matter will be investigated further, directly and discreetly, with the applicant to ensure the report is accurate before conferring with the Senior Pastor to determine a course of action.