Summer Mission Project

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider going on Summer Mission Project?

Lewinsville Presbyterian Church has been going on summer mission trips for more than 20 years. This is an opportunity to live out Christ’s call to humble servanthood like no other.

How old do you have to be to participate?

You must have completed your freshman year of high school.

Where will we be staying?

Our accommodations are typically in a church fellowship hall or classrooms within a few miles of the worksite. We sleep on the floor, either split up by gender and other times as one large group depending on the space availability.

Who are the leaders?

Experienced SMP adults, many who have gone for several years, share responsibility for leading the trip. The group is split into smaller teams with two to three adults leading each team.

How will we get where we’re going and back?

We will drive in mini-vans (loaned and/or rented). Each van has another van as a driving partner to ensure safety. All vans can be reached by a leader’s cell phone. Seat belts are required at all times for all passengers.

What about transportation while we’re there?

We will use these same vans to get us from our accommodations to the worksite and back, as well as to the store for groceries or any other errands that need to be run. Each team will fit completely in one van. Seat belts are required at all times for all passengers.

Is it all work and no play?

We expect all participants to put in a full day of hard work each day we are at the worksite. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun! We have free time in the evenings and set aside at least one evening for a fun outing such as mini-golf, a movie, or a baseball game based on what the local community offers. Depending on how early we arrive, we may have some time to explore the area our first day.

I want to bring a friend who isn’t a member of Lewinsville. Is that okay?

We welcome all who come to serve! Friends are expected to follow the same preparation and participation expectations as members. You likely will not be on the same work team as your friend.

How will we know what to bring?

We will have a final details meeting one week prior to our departure where we give out relevant information as to what to bring, what kind of work we’ll be doing, what our accommodations will be like, etc. A general packing list can be found on the website.

Where and what do we eat?

We cook all of our own meals. Breakfast is usually on your own and consists of cereal, fruit, bagels and eggs. Lunch, usually sandwiches, chips, fruit and cookies, is prepared each morning by team members and is eaten on the worksite. Dinner is eaten back home, prepared by a different team each night. Desserts are spectacular and legendary.