Summer Mission Project

SMP 2009

Greensboro, NC

June 21-27

20th Annual Summer Mission Project!

Registration: March 1-April 15

Fees: $150 deposit due with signed covenant by April 15. An additional $100 ($50 for each additional family member) is due by May 15. Participants are encouraged to ask their family and friends for assistance/sponsorships.

NOTE: Registrations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis and are not considered complete until we receive both a deposit check and a signed covenant (print from the downloads section). All participants (and parents) should also read the Participant Expectations document before signing the covenant. Incomplete registrations or registrations received after the April 15 deadline will go on a waiting list and the applicant will be notified if a space becomes available.

The waiting list cleared quickly last year due to a number of cancellations and we actually ended up with a final group of 48, so don’t be discouraged if you find yourself on the waiting list. Chances are good that you will end up participating after all. And, once our mission trip location has been determined, if the affiliate can take more we will consider increasing our team from 50 to accommodate anybody who might still be on the waiting list. The April 15 registration deadline is NOT negotiable. We are unable to accept registrations beyond that date in order to be fair to all who complied.

You can check the status of your registration via this website.

Trip Description:

Monday through Friday we are usually up by 7:00 am in order to get to the worksite by 8:00 am. Each person is responsible for getting up, dressed, fed, and ready to be in the vans on time for themselves. We put in a full day of hard, hot, heavy work with a short break for lunch. The dinner team typically leaves an hour before the rest of the group to get showered, purchase groceries, and begin dinner preparations. Our workdays typically end around 4:00 pm. Times can shift earlier or later based on the affiliate we are working with, the work being done, and the distance to the worksite.

Prayer and devotion are a part of life on the trip. We begin and end each day in prayer. Each night, the group spends time in devotions. "Lights out" is not negotiable - 11:00 pm the entire week.

The entire group leads worship the Sunday after we return. Each aspect of the service is led by someone from the group. This is not a sharing of our inside jokes and how much fun we had, but we are leading the congregation to see God's glory through the experiences we have had. If you volunteer to help lead worship, you are expected to come prepared on Sunday morning and not expect to be handed something to say. The entire group usually sings an anthem during the offering.

Questions? Contact Linda Bender at A complete information packet is also available in the "Downloads" section for your reference.

Primary Contact

Linda Bender

(703) 314-1906


  • Abbey Conley
  • Adrian Steel
  • Alex Blomme
  • Alex Hinton
  • Alexandra Mendenhall
  • Allen Krieg
  • Alyson McComas
  • Amanda Hodges
  • Andrew Bogart
  • Billy Rieger
  • Brian Cassidy
  • Burgess Robinson
  • Chad Deese
  • Debbie McKinley
  • Douglas Smith
  • Elizabeth Steel
  • Evan Ayars
  • Forrest Gottke
  • George Bogart
  • Greg Kren
  • Haley Campbell
  • Hanna Bartram
  • Jane Neldon
  • Jane Richards
  • Jed Metge
  • Jerry Hopkins
  • Jessica Place
  • John Becker
  • Katie Vodra
  • LeeLee Hunter
  • Linda Bender
  • Lindsay Trout
  • Liz Kenney
  • Luke Hupp
  • Mark Hagedorn
  • Mary Frase
  • Michael Ransom
  • Nancy Porterfield
  • Paul Orlando
  • Rachel Jones
  • Richard Neldon
  • Scott Conley
  • Siobhan Grayson
  • Sommer Gottke
  • Steven Trout
  • Tom Lerario
  • Will Cochrane