Summer Mission Project

SMP 2011

Hartsville, SC

June 25 - July 2

The 2011 Summer Mission Project is unique in that we will be returning to the same work site where our Winter Mission Project team worked in January with Darlington County Habitat for Humanity. We will complete the house the WMP team framed, and start another one in the same neighborhood. Check out the WMP photos to see what great work they accomplished in January!

Darlington County Habitat is in Hartsville, South Carolina - about an 9 hour drive from McLean. We will depart on Saturday, June 25, and attend worship Sunday morning in Hartsville. As needed, a small group will depart Mclean after the worship service at Lewinsville on Sunday, June 26. We will all return together on Saturday, July 2.

The cost is $300 per person ($250 for each additional family member), due by May 31. We will donate $150 per person to Darlington County Habitat for materials. The rest will be used for trip expenses. Participants are strongly encouraged to fundraise all or part of the registration fee from family and friends.

All details can be found in the Information Packet (see downloads section of this website), or contact Linda Bender with additional questions. or

Primary Contact

Linda Bender

(703) 314-1906


  • Abigail Conley
  • Adrian Steel
  • Alice Neldon
  • Allen Krieg
  • Amanda Hodges
  • Anne Richards
  • Burgess Robinson
  • Chad Deese
  • Dale Hodges
  • Douglas Miller
  • Douglas Smith
  • Elizabeth Kenney
  • Elizabeth Steel
  • Evan Ayars
  • Evelyn Robinson
  • Forrest Gottke
  • Grace Becker
  • Hanna Bartram
  • Hollis Calhoun
  • Ian McConnell
  • Jack Spellman
  • Jane Neldon
  • Jane Richards
  • Jed Metge
  • Jessica Place
  • John Becker
  • Katie Vodra
  • LeeLee Hunter
  • Linda Bender
  • Lindsay Trout
  • Lucy Gunter
  • Luke Hupp
  • Mark Hagedorn
  • Mary Frase
  • Meredith Krieg
  • Michael Ransom
  • Nate Jones
  • Nicholas Knodt
  • Paul Orlando
  • Rachel Gottke
  • Rachel Jones
  • Richard Neldon
  • Robert Ransom
  • Scott Conley
  • Siobhan Grayson
  • Sommer Gottke
  • Steven Trout
  • Tom Lerario
  • Tug Hunter
  • Ulrich Erasmus
  • Will Cochrane