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Hartsville, SC

Saturday, June 20 - June 27

SMP 2015 is a Blitz Build - one house in one week - in Hartsville, SC. The cost is $300 per person ($250 for each additional family member). We will donate $150 per person to the organization(s) we assist during the week. The rest will be used for trip expenses such as food, vans, t-shirts, etc. We are expecting a full crew this year and are expecting spots to fill up quickly. Your PAYMENT holds your spot, not just your registration. You can hand deliver your payments to the church (put it in the SMP mailbox or Kate's mailbox) or mail your payment to the church at 1724 Chain Bridge Road, McLean VA 22101. Participants are strongly encouraged to fundraise. We would love for you to use our house registry site at Contact Kate Satterstrom ( for additional details.

Participants (46)

A green check indicates a confirmed application. Confirmed applicants have paid the requisite registration fee and, if 18 or over, have completed the requisite background check. Please refer to the Child Protection Policy for additional details.

  • Alice Neldon
  • Anne Carter
  • Brenden Mabus
  • Clare McConnell
  • Douglas Smith
  • Elizabeth Steel
  • Evan Ayars
  • Forrest Gottke
  • Ian McConnell
  • JJ Foster
  • Jack Robbins
  • Jane Neldon
  • Jane Richards
  • Jed Metge
  • Jonathan Kliewer
  • Joseph Grant
  • Kate Satterstrom
  • Katie Gamble
  • Katie Vodra
  • Kendall Deese
  • Linda Bender
  • Lindsay Trout
  • Luke Hupp
  • Luke Robbins
  • Madison Deyo
  • Madison Kloster
  • Maia Foster
  • Mary Frase
  • Matthew Kliewer
  • Michelle Levin
  • Natalie Marbury
  • Nathan Kliewer
  • Olivia Kloster
  • Patricia Marbury
  • Paul Orlando
  • Richard Neldon
  • Riley Timmer
  • Robert (Tug) Hunter
  • Sandra Wisco
  • Sarah Cottros
  • Scott Conley
  • Siobhan Grayson
  • Steven Trout
  • Tatum Deyo
  • Ted Baker
  • Tom Lerario