Summer Mission Project

SMP 2016

Sussex County, DE

June 26 - July 2

Summer Mission Project 2016 will take place in Sussex County, Delaware. We will be working with Sussex County Habitat for Humanity on new house builds and perhaps a rehab too. We will be staying at the St. Philips Episcopal Church. They house many groups for Sussex County Habitat for Humanity and have a wonderful place to welcome us home at the end of each day.

The cost is $300 per person ($250 for each additional family member), due by June 1. We will donate $100 per person to Sussex County Habitat for Humanity. The rest will be used for trip expenses such as the housing, food, vans, t-shirts, etc. Participants are strongly encouraged to fundraise all or part of the registration fee from family and friends.

All details can be found in the Information Packet (see downloads section of this website), or contact Kate Satterstrom with additional questions. or 760.780.8080.

Primary Contact

Linda Bender

(703) 314-1906


  • Anne Carter
  • Brenden Mabus
  • Douglas Smith
  • Elizabeth Steel
  • Emma Gamble
  • Evan Ayars
  • JJ Foster
  • Jack Robbins
  • Jane Neldon
  • Kate Satterstrom
  • Katie Gamble
  • Katie Vodra
  • Kendall Deese
  • Kiley Mabus
  • Linda Bender
  • Lindsay Trout
  • Luke Robbins
  • Madeleine Cochrane
  • Madison Deyo
  • Maia Foster
  • Mary Frase
  • Meredith Krieg
  • Natalie Marbury
  • Olivia Kloster
  • Patty Marbury
  • Paul Orlando
  • Rachel Jones
  • Riley Timmer
  • Sarah Cottros
  • Scott Ramsey
  • Siobhan Grayson
  • Steven Trout
  • Tatum Deyo
  • Ted Baker