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COVID-19 Update

After careful consideration, the Planning Committee has cancelled arrangements to spend the week of June 22 in Staunton, VA working with Habitat for Humanity.

However, do not take the week off your calendar just yet! We are committed to making sure that SMP 2020 will still make a significant difference in the lives of others. Watch for updates here on ways you might be able to serve in your local community.

There will also be opportunities to catch up with old friends and share what you're doing via Zoom calls throughout the week. A t-shirt might also be involved to add to your SMP collection!

Please contact Linda Bender with any questions.

Everywhere, USA

Monday, June 22 - June 26

Due to COVID-19, we are unable to take a group trip this summer, but plan to use the week for local service.

Participants (17)

A green check indicates a confirmed application. Confirmed applicants have paid the requisite registration fee and, if 18 or over, have completed the requisite background check. Please refer to the Child Protection Policy for additional details.

  • Abby Comey
  • Aidan Carter
  • Anne Etten
  • Clare Beth McConnell
  • Douglas Smith
  • Evan Ayars
  • Fiona Fuller
  • Forrest Gottke
  • Jed Metge
  • Jeff Etten
  • Kiley Mabus
  • Linda Bender
  • Maia Foster
  • Mary Frase
  • Paul Orlando
  • Siobhan Grayson
  • Steven Trout