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John's Island, SC

Saturday, January 3 - January 10

The tradition continues... The Winter Mission Project is open to anyone college age or older who has participated in at least one Mission Project trip with Lewinsville. Participants will depart on Saturday, January 3 and return on Saturday, January 10. Work days will be January 5-9. The annual holiday bake sale (Sunday, December 21) will be the major fundraiser for this trip. All participants are asked to help staff the bake sale table and provide home-baked items to sell if they are in town. We will be coordinating accommodations, meals and contruction work with Sea Island Habitat for Humanity where Forrest Gottke is currently working with the AmeriCorps team. Leave your registration checks ($200 made payable to Lewinsville Presbyterian Church) in my box in the volunteer room at church, or mail them to Linda Bender at: 10300 Bushman Drive, #302, Oakton, VA 22124. Registration opens September 8 and ends October 31. Your registration fee must be received by then in order for your registration to be confirmed. If you have any questions, please contact Linda Bender at

Participants (4)

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  • Jane Neldon
  • Luke Hupp
  • Madeleine Gunter
  • Rachel Gottke